embossing bowl

Embossing the Zodiac Bowl in the 1950's

Somewhat aged, but still creating !

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                                                                                                                I also do PAINTINGS

(note, for your information:- National Diploma in Design = NDD, Art Teachers Diploma = ATD

You are welcome to come and view my studio-workshop by prior arrangement only.

I was educated at Sibford Friends School and Birmingham College of Art. I free-lanced at silversmithing for some years 

before taking up full time teaching. I was for many years head of the department of Technical Studies at

Cavendish School, Hemel Hempstead. teaching C.D.T., Modular Technology and Technical Graphics.

I believe that full-time C.D.T. teachers should find time to pursue their own crafts to professional standards. 

While teaching I, therefore, accepted commissions, mainly for domestic silverware. 

I also supplied makers of harpsichords with custom-built hinges and other fittings in brass, 

nickel and bronze. Besides working in precious and base metals I have executed commissions in both stone and wood.

Retired from teaching, I now work in my cellar studio-workshop or the garden in Maidenhead Road, Stratford-upon-Avon

I no longer do any silversmithing, though I still have one or two pieces for sale. 

Mostly I carve pieces of local English hardwoods into both abstract and realistic forms. 

My workshop is not very productive as I may take up to two years to complete any one item.

Let me now show you some examples of my work:-

carving in garden
   Here I am carving in my garden

 (1.)  meerkats     (2,)  rightview     (2,)  front view    (2,)  left view  (2a)  stripped log

 (1.)   Meerkats carved in pearwood, height 45cms. SOLD*      (2,) Meerkat in pearwood    Ht 501cm  FOR SALE £850   (2a) log for meerkat             

* Given by owner to Stratford-upon-Avon Quaker Meeting House, 37, Maidenhead Road, Stratford-upon-Avon. CV37 6XT. where it may now be seen.

                          1st hinges       sundial

                   (3 and 3a) Set of pierced brass hinges for a Steve Morris spinet.   N.F.S.  (4)   Chased copper peacock sun dial   N.F.S.

2nd hinges  (3a) 

         alpine bowl (5a)  (5b)  pomander (6)




                       (5a)  Trophy for Stratford-upon-Avon Alpine Garden Society.  Repoussé, Britannia Standard, hardenable silver.  SOLD.               

        (5b)   Detail of repoussé centre depicting eritrichium nanum in flower                  (6)  Sterling silver Pomander Ht.15.5cm. FOR SALE    £400



                  rose vases  (7)                  clown dishes  (8)

                   (7.) Sterling silver rose vases    SOLD                (8.) Pair  sterling silver sweet dishes         SOLD   

    sterling coffee pot  (9)            rhodium plated tea pot (10)

        (9)  Sterling coffee pot N.F.S.     (10.)   Rhodium plated gilding metal and brass tea pot with pearwood handle.  N.F.S.

                                                                  lion and serpent brooch (12) hallmark (!3)  back of brooch

   (11)    Lion and Serpent repouse Brooch N.F.S.        (12) Historic Coronation Hallmark ^           (13) Embossed back  Ht. 6.5cm 

                                    ( Presently in Lusaka, Zambia with new owner.)

                               triangular bowl (14)       christening cup (15)      zodiac bowl side view (16)

         (14.)  Britannia standard silver sugar basin. SOLD    (15)  Rhodium plated Christening Cup  SOLD   (16.)  Sterling silver, repouse rosewater bowl

                tern rosebowl (17)                                 front view of zodiac bowl (18)

    (17)  Sterling silver rose bowl   SOLD   (18)  Silver interpretation of the original glass zodiac bowl by Stueben Glass Co.

                                               Designed by Sydney Waugh,  which is in the V.& A. Museum.

                                                             Started in Coronation year it has a diameter of 29.5 cms.and carries 

                                                               a Silver Jubilee hall mark.  FOR SALE, £3,000


                                           street acrobats  (19a, 19b)               holly loop (20)   

             (19a)"Street Acrobats" pear wood  Height 42cms. N.F.S.                  .(20.)Height  30cms. carved from  holly wood. SOLD

             (19b) bronzed resin casting SOLD

sculptor bird (21)                                      the last drop (22)

                      (21)"Sculptor Bird" Carved in cherry wood. SOLD    (22)   "The Last Drop" in pear wood  £ 520

glass blower facing right  (23) first roughing (23a) 2nd roughing  (23) 

     (23a)Two stages in the making    (23.) "Glassblower" Carved Acer wood. Height 43cms.  FOR SALE.  £1,150

     holly log (24) stripping holly log (25) seal rescuers (26)

    (24) Holly log in Ebrington church yard.       (25)Stripping  holly log prior to carving "The Seal Rescuers" 

                                                                                (26) "The Seal Rescuers", Holly with Maple-wood base  Ht. 78cms    FOR SALE. £6,950

             peak experience front view (27)         side view     (28)      other side  (29)  

(27) front view of "Introspective Peak Experience" or "Seeking the Inward Light", Cherrywood, Height 48 cms.

                          (28) right side view.                          (29) left side view. FOR SALE.  £2,200.

               interlocked loops  (30)        wool symbol       (31)


(30) "Interlocked Loops". Apple Wood, height 11cms. length 25 cms. SOLD.   (31)  "Wool symbol" Mountain Ash, height 15cms.SOLD                                                                                                                                    

starting ash cloud(32)

                                                                (32)   Starting work on a new cherry log.   

                    clouds in vise (33)                    near completion    (34)     

   (33) Nearing completion in the workshop.     (34)Completed Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud    FOR SALE. Price  £1,100


   second hands  5th hands  4th hands (35)

                       (35) Three views of "Green Fingers" after some 110 hours carving a pearwood log.

                     The concept is of a gardener's hands growing out of plant life and returning to plant life. 


                      (36)    hands little fingers    hands left palm    hands thumbs            

                (36) Three views of "Green Fingers" completed after 186 hours carving and mounted on an oak base.  

                                                                                       height: 57 c.m.           FOR SALE             Price:  £1,860

presidential badge of office  (37)

(37) Presidential Badge of Office for Cheltenham Scottish Society
Sterling silver with a blue enamelled shield surmounted by a gold lion.




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